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Who We Are

Oceanomatics is a metocean analysis tools developer based in Indonesia. We develop thoughtful critical analysis and quality control tools for metocean data.


We aim to simplify the data processing so the user can be focused on the important information. Extensive experience on metocean support enable us to embodify this on our applications.

User Friendly

We develop with our user in mind, the user can be freely navigate and process the data without much coding necessary. Our UI/UX research team has observe the user behavior in more than 5 years.


Soon our applications will be available in multi-platform Windows, MacOS and Linux. Our user personal preference matters.


Everything you need to know about our product is well documented, included in the software package.

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Metocean Applications

Oceanomatics Tidal

Specially design to do analysis and quality control on tidal observation data. Shorten a week worth processing for a day. Extract up to 114 tidal constituents, perform tidal prediction, and calculate datum.

Oceanomatics Tidal

Oceanomatics Tidal
Oceanomatics Rose

Oceanomatics Rose

Designed to do analysis and quality control on wind, wave and current observation data. Analyze data frequency and direction distributions, visualize and fully customizable chart.

Oceanomatics Rose

Oceanomatics Web Apps

Global Model Tidal Prediction, Chart Datum Database, Tidal Maps, and Weather Forecast Interactive Apps

Oceanomatics WebApps Coming Soon

Oceanomatics WebApps Coming Soon


What Users Are Saying...

The tools are very simple, yet very powerful in cutting production time in order to analyze metocean data.

Author image Lizar Afiq Metocean Engineer

Meteorologist deals with vast amount of data, oceanomatics has create an easier way for me to represent my data for the industry.

Author image Arlif Nabila Meteorologist

In my expertise years in metocean data processing, oceanomatics tools enable me to focus on the data more sophisticatedly.

Author image Andi Afif Metocean Modeler

Tidal has always been crucial in determining datum for marine operational, these set of tools provided by oceanomatics enable our company to help our client needs swiftly.

Author image Shaffira Cika Account Executive, BW Geohydromatics
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