Oceanomatics Tidal

Oceanomatics Tidal (OT) software is developed according to a set of computational codes which have been originally parts of calculation procedure for generating meteorology-oceanography (metocean) design criteria. The same codes have been utilized in the consulting of coastal and offshore Front End Engineering Design throughout South-East Asian Region, such as Malacca Strait, Java Sea, Makassar Strait and north of Borneo. These works include metocean technical assistance for port, subsea pipeline, Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU), and large vessel navigation.

The current Graphical User Interface (GUI) has become accustomed to intensive improvement by experienced hydrographers and skilled oceanographers to end up at its present stage.

Oceanomatics Tidal is composed by three primary modules:

  1. water level data quality control
  2. tidal analysis and prediction
  3. assessment of quality of tidal prediction